We are a group of students, from the German University in Cairo, who are passionate about TED. We care about improving ourselves and our community. Aiming to trigger development, we want to change something about the world, and what better way for us to provide a learning and teaching ecosystem then in a TED-like environment.

It all started with one person; who truly believed in the importance of learning and passing knowledge. This teammate attended a TEDx event and noticed that we do not have any club of this nature at the GUC; we did not have one place where ideas could be pooled and presented to the GUC community.

From this point, he decided to acquire a TEDxGUC license. He then took the approvals from the administration, and we finally formed our team; the TEDxGUC team.

Our vision
TEDxGUC's vision is to help in the community's development process through sharing valuable information and unique ideas.

Our mission
TEDxGUC's mission is to become a platform for sharing knowledge amongst the GUC students, leading them to a much prosperous future.

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