Yara Medhat

Role Public Relations


Convincing and leadership skills.


Coloring and dancing.


Ranked the 7th in Semster 1 and 2, Ranked the 12th in Semster 3. 2 Silver and 1 Bronze Medal in the Cairo Swimming Championship, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze Medal in Schools Championship, Marketing Achievement Certificate in a marketing course in AUC school of education, Accepted as a TEDxGUC member, being part of the SU, certificate of creativity and Innovation from ISLC and a poem written by her published in 'Teenstuff'.


"I got into many clubs in my first year but I never really felt like I belong and I was not fully convinced with the message they are conveying but with TEDxGUC it's different.I believe in the power of spreading ideas so much that I felt a sense of belonging before even being a part of it. I believe in everything related to TEDxGUC starting from their purpose to the motivation and inspiration they give to people."

Past Experiences

Assistant supervisor of Junior Summer Program in AUC, Aiesec exchange to India, ISLC conference and a junior TA for Analytical Chemistery lab.

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