Omnya Amr

Role Members' Development

Engineering MET

Good analytical skills, good with numbers , works best under pressure, People-oriented and detail-oriented.


Pure economics geek , really good with kids- I know my way around them, linguistic and a fast learner.


Being a part of TEDxGUC, being able to live in Egypt on my own for the first time in my life, working during my senior year along side my Alevels and having made the friends I have now during my first few semesters in University.


"Every time I watched a TED video, I felt this adrenaline rush, that feeling you get after a significant accomplishment except that this time it was triggered by my imagination and not an actual act I've done and that's when I realized how powerful and phenomenal a single thought could be. I believed that it was the quality of the speakers that made it so appealing but in TEDxGUC they taught us that there is a much deeper reason behind that and that reason was us , the organizers,they told us that for the event to be intresting the organizers have to be intersting. So now I myself will be able to promote the feeling I've always felt to other people out there. To me TEDxGUC is not just a great , life changing organization, It's home"

Past Experiences

Delegate Human Rights Council GUCMUN, Member in Business Workshop ISLC and Assistant Teacher in the Kindergarten department in my school during my senior year.

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