Synergy of Fear

Speaker Rana Fetit.

In the Synergy of Fear, Rana explains how fear has a vicious cycle;
from rejection to disappointment, to failure and misery.
Rana also shows how fear can reshape generations.

The building block of the universe

Speaker Loay Hamed.

If we are mostly made of space, how do we actually exist?
And if we exist, how do we actually make a difference?
The string as a building bloc of the universe versus humans as a building bloc of humanity,
check out Loay Hamed’s talk at TEDxGUC’s SYNERGIZERS for more details

Paradox Within

Speakers: Kareem Helmee, Abdallah Soliman, Mostafa Amgad, Sherif Hamed.

Why am I here? And why was I created? Do we have choice or are we destined?
What is happiness? And how did we conclude our definition of it?
Do we follow our emotional path or our rational one? And which one should we follow?
Is there a format to logic? And finally, how to define what's rational and what's irrational?

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