The literal concept of ‘Cascade’ of a waterfall symbolizes continuance; the state of remaining in existence or operation. In its clearest definition, ‘Cascade’ is the looped process of continuity and continuation. Just like the waterfall, it starts off with the unchanging flow of water, descends into infinite potentials and then balances back to its stable state of flow.
Each of the 3 states symbolizes everyday occurrences where the world is put in a state of energy transfers along an infinite stream that will witness disturbances, abruptions, explosions and then go back to its never-ending state.

The TED experience may also embody a parallel definition of ‘Cascade’, represented as a process whereby information or knowledge is successively passed on or as a succession of devices or stages in a process, each of which triggers or initiates the next. Exactly as our platform is specially designed for ideas worth spreading, back stage serves as a place for the ideas to be generated and initiate the stream, and on stage is where the ideas spread and the ‘Cascade’ reaction is transferred from an individual to another till it is successfully passed on.

‘Cascade‚Äôs’ many interpretations reach out to the ethereality of philosophy that is suggestive of a universe confined to no absolutes rather an infinite plane that goes on forever, hinting at Deleuze’s Plane of Immanence theory where he conceives a pure plane, an infinite field or smooth space without substantial or constitutive division.

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