TEDxGUC: A Brief History

Our Journey

Well, to explain what TEDxGUC is, let us take a step back and explain what TEDx is. TEDx is simply an independently organized TED event. It’s an annual conference where chosen intellectuals with ideas worth spreading give short talks to the attendees. TEDxGUC was first founded in 2013 by a group of six GUC students who believed in the power of an idea. Was it easy? Definitely not. It was anything but a paved road or even a road for that matter, it was a bumpy hill climb that six individuals decided to take to create a platform for thinkers, innovators, and learners. Not knowing anything about the process it takes to pull off a TEDx event, the founders dived into what turned out to be a journey of unforeseen struggles, mistakes made, and lessons learned. And against all odds of not having sufficient resources or enough knowledge, they managed to pull off the first-ever TEDxGUC event through sheer will, determination and a strong unfaltering belief in the power of what they do. The first TEDxGUC event, ‘Synergizers’, was only the beginning of what came to be a long journey of spreading ideas.

How does TEDxGUC work?

Typically, TEDxGUC will host two events a year. The first of which is the ‘salon’ event. Salon events are a smaller-scale version of the main events that TEDxGUC would then host shortly after. Salon events have a smaller and a more restricted number of attendees, contrary to the main events which are carried out on a much bigger scale; a bigger venue and a larger number of attendees. So all year long, this organization works towards the end goal, trying to exceed the attendees’ expectations and shedding light upon ideas that are worth spreading.

It has been quite a journey, and we are not stopping anytime soon.

This marks our 8th year of growth and development. While change is mandatory and inevitable, the passion and genuine strong belief in the power of sharing an idea remains constant throughout the journey. It is time to open a new chapter in the history of TEDxGUC, and you might be a part of it. Our annual recruitment is now opened! For more info, Click Here.

Written by: Mirna Hazem

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